CA and DLA abroad

Is it possible to export DLA and CA abroad to another EU country?
My son is 3 and I am his career.We would Ike to move abroad due to better availability of the therapy for him.
I tried to gain some information about transfering DLA&CA abroad.
But I stuck.CAB not very helpful the same as DIAL as they only telling me what is on gov website.
I know to get them abroad you have to maintain the link with system.
Well my partner will stay in UK for few weeks or months that depends on his redundancy date as his workplace is closing down.
We do not have any other family in UK.
But CA is paying me 1 st class of NI is that enough to comply with social security link?
If anyone could help in this matter that will be great.

A little strange … especially if the experts cannot help ?

Nobody on this forum has the expertise to answer the questions raised … only if they had first hand experience ?

UK benefits / allowances when residing in an EEC country ?

Full sp … Government web site :

Claiming benefits in Europe - EEA countries | nidirect

Disability Rights UK :

Payment of DLA, AA and carer's allowance abroad | Disability Rights UK


Payment of DLA, AA and carer’s allowance abroad.

( NOTE … page created in 2011 ! )

Whether the credit towards NI contributions , when claiming CA , is enough for these purposes … unknown.

DWP seem to be the best bet for answering that one.

The equivalent of the NHS system in EEC countries ?

TOTALLY DIFFERENT SYSTEMS … be well advised to do your homework first.

Your proposed destination … Internet search for British ex pats forums in that country … might strike lucky on benefits ?

Position after Brexit ?

Pure speculation as I type.

Which country?

Shame that EU Directive only extends to " Jobseekers. "

I suspect only the DWP can answer , fully , the author’s questions … the bare bones of which already posted.

Reversing the situation … EEC national coming to the UK … the following is one of the better guides out there :

Benefits for non-UK nationals | nidirect


Benefits for non-UK nationals.

There are different types of non-UK nationals.

This page tells you about some of the groups and the benefits you may be entitled to. This is not a complete list and there may be exceptions to these rules.

In the context of Brexit , highly controversial … any move to change the guidelines would probably be met by a retaliatory move by the EEC or individual member states.

Just how many of our fellow citizens are enjoying the sun in warmer climates within the EU ?

Well I have to contact DWP regarding this and get the answer from them.
But from experience I know that they are not a great source of information .
Well I did my homework.I and my son have got dual citizenship and we will use my parents insurance to cover medical costs .
The main reason to move is far better therapy offered by this country.
5 hrs a day / 5 days a week instead of NHS 2 hrs every 3 months .
Thanks for help.
I hoped that someone went through the process and can share some useful tips.

I hope all goes well for you and your caree.