Bedroom flooring - cushioned vinyl

Just to say hello all… new to this forum. I am in my sixties, retired, and backup to my 90 year old father who is full time carer to my mother who has Alzheimer’s. Mum has occasional accidents in her bedroom and the carpet really needs to go, getting beyond cleaning. Have heard that luxury thick vinyl is best flooring in these situations - wanting to find something that can have underlay underneath it and a design that looks warm (e.g. not to look like stone or wood). Important that if she has a fall there is a bit of cushioning. Wondering if anyone has sorted flooring for similar reasons and can provide some useful advice? Thanks…

Hi Jennifer …


We’ve just replaced the carpet in our bathroom with a cushioned vinyl. I would recommend that you seek out a good carpet shop in your area where they will almost certainly have a good number of pattern books, each with dozen of styles and colours (sometimes too many!).

I wonder if it would be possible to use a foam carpet underlay under the vinyl flooring - probably something that the shop could advise you on?

Hi Jennifer, I have cushioned vinyl and luxury cushioned vinyl in the kitchen. The only downside to it is that heavy items need to have foam protectors or similar to prevent them sinking into the vinyl and heavy items can’t be slid across it as it might rip. Saying that, it’s lovely and soft and springy under foot and warm. Downstairs in our house we have solid floors and they can really hurt if you trip on them, however the vinyl really makes the difference. Just be wary of the finish - some are textured which could have implications for cleaning up if faeces is involved.