Bedbound and trapped in your living room

In Jan 2018 my husband woke not knowing where his arm was and thought he d had a mini stroke. His father had had several of them and lived until he was 84.john was 66. We rang the surgery they said go to a & e. So we toddle along at 11am expecting to come back with paracetamol but instead John was admitted and two days later diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.
We managed on our own for two weeks just supported by our gp but John went downhill so quickly that he was bed bound within those two weeks.
He was lucky to spend the rest of his life at home with me and had little pain. I won’t go into the support accept to say it was adequate with a wonderful gp
But John was trapped in that room as two carers took ten minutes to get him in a hoist. Fortunately we had few visits to hospital which were all exhausting long day nightmares.
I’m interested in hearing from other people who have also only had the choice of bed or chair all day.
I have a possible solution and am connected to some engineers who are helping.
John died in May 2018. He knew about my idea before he lost his speech about a month before he died and fully endorsed it
It’s named after him jj66
It really could help bring a greater quality of life to people like John and me and hopefully many more. Would love to hear from you

My wife is only able to be in bed or in her wheelchair - her legs don’t work at all due to MS.

Obviously we are interested to hear what you have to say, but her quality of life will only be improved with a working pair of legs, I doubt that you can provide those.