Backdated unpaid hours

Hi everyone, I’ll try to get to the point.
My daughter had an accident in 2016 which has left her tetraplegic. 2 weeks before discharge, MDT and DST while in hospital following positive checklist. Agreed outcome, fully funded as primary health need. Daughter came home, I had to quit my highly paid job to care for her. Release of funds significantly delayed so I was the sole carer from March till September when private PA employed 49 hours a week only. Younger sister employed in agreement with CCG but not me. Eventually agreed in 2018, that I could be paid to care for daughter which continues to this day. I have now sent CCG an invoice for my unpaid care hours from the date of discharge home (April 1st) to date of me becoming employed (1st January 2018). Daughter was allocated funding for 3-4 carers at 117 hours a week from outset with only 50 of those hours being used and me doing the rest unpaid for that period. CCG even clawed back a massive chunk of the funding because it was unspent which, in hindsight, I realise now should have been used to pay for more care which would have left me free to return to work. We received zero guidance on this at the time as they were more than happy to just let me get on with it, unpaid, without saying a word.
Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Error…private PA was 40 hours a week who eventually quit with no notice after 7 months.

Are you aware of the Poynton (Pointon?) CHC case?


This must be so hard on you and your daughter.

I think a team of support would be better for your daughter as it is impossible to rely on one member of staff.

Its totally not on you didn’t get paid, especially as you gave up your job. Hope you get the right answer to sort this.

All you can do is try and explore options that will help you in the situation with your daughter. Talk to CCG about your concerns and i wish you the best of luck.