Article 8 breach and private care company

Hi all,
My friend is cared for in his own home by a private care company he employs through a deputy.
This care company are logging all our communications with each other, recording our conversations, policing or deciding the content of our conversations before hand so we can only chat about certain things. The carers say they have asked my friend before the call and he decided he doesn’t want to talk about X. They don’t let me just ask him myself. They are also stopping us from having distanced walks together, saying they don’t want to support this.
These all feel like massive breaches of our article 8 right, but the act suggests only public bodies have to legally follow this act. This means private care companies can get away with all sorts of horrors then, and do what they like to vulnerable people, restricting them from loved ones and making it difficult.
What can be done?

Contact the information commissioners office for advice.

The ICO deal with data breaches, I already have a complaint into them, nothing back so far.
I’m not sure they deal with the human rights breach do they?

I’m sure they shouldn’t be collecting and sharing information about you without permission, especially private communications.