Any Live In Carers


Does anyone currently work as a live in carer or has done in the past?

My question is do you get days off during the weekend and are you allowed to visit your own family throughout the day while sort of on duty for the cared for?


Live in carer ?

Presumably employed ?

In which case , Employment Law prevails.

As for daily concerns regarding " Time off " , the underlying contract of employment should spell this out.

In the absence of which , Employment Law is the guiding light.

Unison would be a good reference point for the terms and conditions prevailing in this sector.

One major commercial player in this sector … Helping Hands Home Care :
What is Live In Care? - Live In Care Explained | Helping Hands

Some are self employed some work for an agency the salary is attractive. You do get time off throughout the week called
respite care for the carer.

As a career choice , will be attractive … for some.