I am a new carer, suddenly thrown into this situation by an accident my hubby had. My anxiety is through the roof. I have asked for help from GP and seeing someone tomorrow. Have other carers experienced this and what have they done?

Hello and welcome!

Good luck! I asked for a referral to counselling when my cared for person was tiny. It made a lot of difference.

Find your local carers group and join.

Has your husband had a "Needs Assessment and yourself a “Carers Assessment”?

If your husband was hospitalised then this should have been done (and possibly a care package put in place) before he was discharged.

How much care is he going to need and for how long? Do you normally work? If so, think hard before you give that up.

Be warned now, whatever the rights of the situation, your GP, Social Services, and anyone else involved that’s not actually you, will be expecting you to do everything - you have to know where your limit is and stand firm. Don’t agree to anything until you’ve thoroughly thought it through or even asked for advice about it on here, we know most of their tricks, (and they have them by the barrow-load).