Another unsafe discharge

Lady down the road, was in hospital last week, came home, 3 days later and back in hospital again, they are now planning to discharge her again.

There has been no attempt to provide any kind of extra support, there is a carer but there has been no attempt to contact him, first he knew lady turned up on the doorstep.

Really bad this is supposed to be a good hospital, and there is community support, we are a Vanguard town, extra care to stop the elderly ending up in hospital.

We have a big team of community workers, that’s what the newsletter says, never seen any visit.

Doesn’t the hospital get fined, if a patient goes back in again.

There really seems to be some wrong with the discharge team.

I thought they were fined if someone was discharged and readmitted within a month.

Excuse my scepticism but I think it has to do with the fact that hospitals still report data on years to End of March each year.
This means that people discharged in March count positively into 2018/19 statistics, but if that discharge fails under 30days it doesn’t count until 2019/20… meaning they have the rest of that year to try to improve.

I’m not sure NHS are fined for failed discharges, they are measured on them however
However Councils used to be fined for delayed discharges. Im not sure if this still happens, i hope it does