am i wrong asc

hi we have been involved with asc for some time due to mental health , chronic pain , infections . unable to shower etc , i my self suffer from issues with proffessionals who dont do there job right . i have had problems with companys called care at home , aqs health care . st micheals , age concern , issues where treating us like a scrubbing brush so in more pain when coming out of shower , issues like wrong info on logs or no log , arriveing wrong time , wrong info from head office according to carers and from carers to head office , privicy issues , coming through front door with out knocking or ring bell , but they know we have a frenchie , sending carers in who are afraid of dogs .
according to asc i have decinded care all though treated rough and asc knows tthe issues i have with proffessionals so if a proffessional does some thing wrong i dont feel i am being looked after and my stress levels goes up as i am a full time carer my self i know how to treat some one not like crap …
now with the cronavirus about we are like a lot of people concerned about who comes in and with the lack of testing or possible virus or even re infection or lack of ppe we dont want to get ill so asc have closed down our support down to our fears of cronavirus … are asc right to close down care !


it all sounds very stressful.
Is asc an agency?


hi thanks for your reply asc is abbreviation for adult social care and we have had many complaints about care agencys , carers , dr surgerys , mental health , hospitals , we had to go through seap and power advocacy services but cases are still going on after 2 years , i am fed up with so called proffessionals advice saying we cant help but they can and all your doing is going round in circles trying to get help we have even had issues with cleaners through advice from adult social care

I also have a very unhappy relationship with Social Services.
I just want them to give my son care as laid down in the Care Act!


thanks for your replys , if this is so called support i dont know what is ?

I really sense your concern and anxiety in this situation. I have had similar experiences in the past dealing with fraudulent, unthoughtful caregivers. It can all get too much and extremely difficult to manage. Please take some time for yourself if you can and consider some breathing or guided imagery/meditation exercises you might find on the internet or YouTube.

I can begin to understand that, if you are totally opposed to what social services are able to offer, then I can understand why they have written to you temporarily suspending their services. Perhaps you need to consider what you and your wife need and what you may be able to compromise on, and see also if there are any work arounds that you could use (like buying some softer towels for bathing, putting your dear frenchie in the room with you when the Carers come so your dog can’t rush out the front door when the Carers come, providing your own masks and sanitiser, that sort of thing,.)

Perhaps you could try and negotiate and reach a better understanding with social services and through them, your care agency? For the immediate term, unless you can get social services to give you personnal payments for you to spend as you see fit (I personally wouldn’t recommend that for my own personal reasons), I fail to see what alternatives there are.

These are just my own personal, nonprofessional, non medical comments, no more than that…

thanks for your replys , i have been to psychology some time ago and i explained what was going on and there advise was that my wife was abuseing me with demand of sex so the next time it happened i spoke to the police and she was arressted all though i could not press any charges as i know she cannot help her self as she was abused by her father when she was small since i found this out i have tried to get support for us both over different issues.
as i do alot around the house etc i have no time to relax i have not had a break for over 2 years all though when i did the break was only 2 hrs a week for 6 weeks ,
1 of the issues around carers / care companys is privacy now when i have a shower i cannot wear anything after , all though there is a concern some carers dont see what the problem is but others do why answer to adult social care was i might as well wear pants in the shower as they would see you naked any way so why would be a concern seeing you naked out side of the shower in your own home we have got ppe ,sanitiser ,but you cannot use it in shower or when you wash , we have and can put our frenchie away if we knew what time they where coming as we had no log or time sheet just word of mouth by companys which was different to the carer on arrival . we have had personal payments before from social services to take my wife out and for me to have a break but no one to look after my wife , i have asked for a different social worker as she disbelived me what was going on with care agency / carers , before we moved we had cctv in our last place and carers come in etc i had to make 2 complaints againt 2 male carers when i go adult social cares response back it was advised that i dd not let them in to help with shower , but 1 as i said i had cctv and 2 i still got the log books that they signed and they put in what they done this issue is still going on after 3 years in the mean time tried different carers who treated me rough all though they was told by me and the assessment … we have still got issues with life line and eing again made disbelived…why should we have to prove everything that happens with cctv when your own worker is suppose to support you and not take sides with another proffessional … i have posted some thing in this section about my past etc and what has happened