Am i right to be upset

I learnt today that my daughter’s team leader {carers) was sitting reading to my daughter from the bible.
my daughter does not have the capacity to understand what is written in the bible. she just about enjoys books written for toddlers, and then not always.

this has upset me, and feel that it is wrong. your opinions would be good to hear.

p.s. although my daughter is 52 she does not have capacity.

As the mum of a 40 year old with severe learning difficulties, I agree totally.
Not only is this unsuitable in terms of your daughter’s age, but what right has the carer to read the bibie to her??
The carer is there to ENRICH your daughter’s life in whatever way is appropriate for her disability.
I’d be very cross for both reasons. Take this up with Social Services.

I think it is very inappropriate and even more discourteous to you,for not even discussing her actions with you. I too would be very annoyed and totally understand why you are. I agree, she needs to be reported.
Nothing to do with anyone’s beliefs.

thanks for your replies.
my concern is that it was reported to me by one of the carers, so it was ‘hearsay’. this particular carer who is one of the better ones, has asked me not to say anything until I see her doing it myself. but of course, she will not do it whilst I am there.

I know that she will talk herself out of it, so I do need proof.

The carers should be writing down exactly what they are doing in a carers record. What was written down?

Maybe think of getting a spy camera to safeguard your daughter? I have mixed feelings about this idea, but especially after the recent scandal, we should all be extra aware.

This should all be done through the care agency.
A carer has no right to inform you on information and then ask you to withhold.
Reading material should be part of a care plan.


thank you all for your replies, you certainly made me feel right to be disturbed by this, and also pointed me in the right direction.

Hi Pam
I have been a community carer, and I am Christian. There were very few of my clients I felt it appropriate to discuss my faith, prayer, even Carol singing with dementia patients. If I felt people had a faith, because of things they said or did, I might ask them to tell me about their faith, I might ask if I can pray with them, I would ask before bible reading, singing etc. I appreciate your daughter, unfortunately cant make this decision. So your permission should be sought.

If I ever acted inappropriately in any way, I would have wanted the family to tell me, I’m talking about the quality of my care, or my attitude and including faith issues. I would welcome the honesty. Is it possible for you to tell her you know, whilst maintaining the anonymity of the person who told you, and to tell her how you feel. My guess is that she hasnt realised it may be upsetting for you, and that she feels it may help. I do hope you find the right way forward, you must always stand by what you believe is right,
Hugs Jan

thanks jan. it was good to read your post. that you work as a carer gave me another insight into the situation.
I think its very inappropriate for our team leader to do this, and I am giving very careful thought how to progress with the situation.
our daughter lives in her own flat, with 24/7 care. and it was at one of the change of shifts that the matter came to light. so unfortunately there was no other witnesses.

lv pam