Allowable expenses to the Carers Allowance

Found an historic post from Scally - who has moved on - that very clearly states that all forms of respite, including sports, dance classes, even cinema, are an allowable deduction on the grounds that they constitute a direct form of respite. Up to £51.00 per week, legally.
I have contacted the Carers Allowance Unit, only to be told that there is no such thing. I was not surprised by this response. I am sure if I phoned another 10 times and spoke to 10 different people i would get several differing answers.
Can anyone help. I have tried trawling the internet, but only Scally had this response.
There is nothing on the website - again, not surprised.
Many thanks

Hi Mark … welcome to the canteen.

Yep , a very apt and alert poster … known over the years on various forums … now enjoying life on fresh pastures …
some of his legacies ( One of which you found ) live on … a fitting epitaph ?

Many of the " Deductions " are much easier if one is self employed as opposed to being employed. The fun starts when
the DoleMan says YES … okay against CA … and the TaxMan says NO … offset against tax due on profits !!! Has been known !

Okay … 2019 … what can be offset against that £ 120 to enable Carers Allowance to continue ?

Pension route ?

No doubt , one of the easiest ( Provided , of course , one selects the " Right " flavour of pension ) as you have already learned.

( Definately a case of a smidgen of jam tomorrow … £ 120 + CA still leaves ALL below the Official Poverty Line !
Even a taper on CA …no change … doubling CA … just about reach that Line. )

Internet search wise ?

Lower Incomes Tax Reform Group :’s-allowance-–-can-deductible-employment-expenses-help-you-qualify

Disability and Tax ( Ancillary to the above ) … slightly historical but still valid :

Contact :

Carer's Allowance | Contact

I note that you are aware of some other sites … said question raised not answered by the info on them.

Carers UK Advice Team always around … contact details follow … best by email :

They might even have a standard template for that one ?

( Recent case of shop workers needing " Special " shoes to fit in with the shop’s image … cost of which now allowed against tax ! )

That’s should quench your thirst ?

If it doesn’t … just yell !

The bar ( Forum ) is open 24 / 7 … just like CarerLand ( No 9 to 5 allowed … even if you can hear Dolly Parton belting out in the background ! ) … occasionly we escort the drunks of the premises !

Oh yes , on the minimum wage ?

That rises in April … the £ 120 limit rises to £ 123 … a cut in hours to stay therein ???

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