6weeks council care

My husband has been in hospital for a total of 6 weeks he went in with kidney problems . Any way ended up falling on the ward and breaking his hip . During the operation to fix this he had a stroke a week later he had another one which was worse . The hospital is discharging him in about 2 weeks . People are saying that he will get 6weeks care from the local council what will happen after this will it be funded or do we have to pay . We have no savings and will be on benefits adventualy . The only equaty we have is the house .

Have a good read through - and please don’t worry. There are procedures that must be followed. Also speak with PALS at the hospital.

Wishing to you and your husband a very Happy Christmas

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If you have no savings, the care your husband is assessed to receive after his 6 weeks rehab care should be free.

Depending on his age he should be able to apply for PIP or Attendance Allowance too.


The first 6 weeks are counted as rehab care, no charge.
The house won’t be counted as you are living there.
How old are you both?
Do NOT agree to have him home until all the care and aids he might need are in place.