38 Degrees Petition re: Errol Graham who starved to death!!!

38 Degrees petition

Dear Carers

It’s heartbreaking. Errol Graham, a Disabled man, has starved to death after the government cut off his benefits. He was left with no money for food, rent or heating. [1]

Errol’s story is because of a cruel government policy called “sanctions” [2] - where the government cut off the welfare payments people rely on for doing something as small as being 5 minutes late to an appointment. [3]

The story is making headlines. And the minister in charge - Thérèse Coffey - will be feeling the heat. She won’t want to deal with scandal after scandal.

So we need to prove to her that this is more than just bad press. If thousands of us add our name to a petition, we can show that the public refuses to be quiet when the government puts lives at risk. [4] We could force her to end benefit “sanctions” for good.

Dear Carers will you sign the petition to Thérèse Coffey, calling on her to scrap sanctions and save lives? When it reaches 30,000 names, we’ll send it straight to her.

Need a link please.

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My computer skills are limited, here is it below.

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This over 65,000 brilliant. When you watch UC program what an eye opener.