There’s a whole page of my local paper devoted to “Carers Week”.

A quarter of the page was provided by Bluebird Care, so all to do with PAID carers"
A quarter of the page was a huge advert for Wiltshire Foods.
Another quarter devoted to disability bathrooms.
The rest was shared between
An article about how to get a Disabled Facilities grant (re the bathroom).
A small ad for New Forest Disability (excellent advice bureau)
An article entitled “What is Carer’s Allowance?” possibly from CUK - no mention that over pension age people don’t qualify

And finally, something entitled “Carers at breaking Point” by CUK -

My area has the highest population of elderly in the country. I’m dismayed and so disappointed.

Needless to add , it’s basically a week for all those attached to us to smile for the cameras , pat us on the head and
… for the second year running … encourage us to take up our concerns with our local mps.

( Remember last year BB … adwards ceremony for paid carers … with a Carers Week banner in the background ? )

The cry has gone out … THERE’S MONIES TO BE MADE … as amply demonstrated by BB’s local rag.

As for US , we can sit and watch them going through the motions … end of week and … just how much has changed
in CarerLand ?

Here in Worksop … as mentioned elsewhere … my local food bank will continue to provide essential supplies to those
carers amongst our ranks who need them.

If any of our supporting organisations want to help us … by all means send over a few volunteers to assist.

We have also put aside some tar and feathers … in case one of those volunteers starts rattling a collection tin …
thus competing for much needed resources … we use ours to FEED and CLOTHE carers in need.

Like all other food banks , entirely run by volunteers … not a penny squandered on wages !!!

Meanwhile … up the road in Sheffield , this is just one of the events for needy carers to attend :

Council and Carers Choir

Aimed At:

All carers

Offered By:
Date: Monday 10th June 2019
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Where: Moorfoot Building

I wonder what songs those in the queue at the local food bank , a few hundred yards away , will be singing …
especially if the supplies run out … as what has happened at several food banks lately ?

“Food Glorious Food”? We do seem to have returned to Victorian times.

For many areas , they haven’t really recovered from those days … mining , steel making , manufacturing , fishing …
all now gone and what’s left a mere shell.

4,000 + food banks … diseases rife that were last seen in Victorian times … 14 million surviving below the official poverty line.

Yep , many have come along way since those times.

However , a sizeable minoriy … including HALF the carer army … are regressing fast back to those times.

If your old / disabled / caring , there is a seat reserved for you on that express train to Victorian Times.


Yep … Southend-on-Sea … passed through there on me way to work for 8 years … afterwards , spend another 7 years
on a neighbouring manor.

Just love what’s on offer down there … are these " Activities " mirror imaged across the country ?

( Morris dancing in the shires perhaps ? Where’s Mo when he’s needed ? )

Food banks ?

When 100,000+ of our fellow carers needed to visit one in the last calender year … on the finances front , everything else
including those collection tins pales into insignificance … I’m now an " Extension " to the local one on this manor , Worksop.
( Farm Foods ? Good relationship with our local one … about 150 yards across the road from me … we continually pester ,
they continually deliver … even drop stuff off to us if we are running short occasionly !

Their 7.5 kg bags of spuds for £ 2.99 … one lasts me 6 days … VERY sort after by us ! A couple tend to go awol at times ! )

Excuse me for asking but … any demos planned anywhere ?

( Sponsored " Guide dog " pile onto buses to highlight the no free public transport issue … complete with as many
carees in wheelchairs as possible … perhaps ? )

CUK itself led one just under a decade ago … stuff of legends so I was told … nothing more on that or I will be breach of the
Forum rules … no Committee Room booked ?

Instead of organising these events they should be organising a march on parliament !!!

Been there , done that … as far as CUK are concerned … 2009 ?

Nope , traditional methods aren’t working … quite a lengthy exchange on this one on CarerWatch … available
from the archives … now past a decade ago !

Our best ally ?

A JUDGE … his / her ruling … preferably a Law Lord … and a 100% majority decision at that.

( 2 ladies recently won judgement against the DWP … recorded elsewhere … which resulted in more monies for millions of claimants ! )

Anything else ?

Old hat and … dare I say it again after a decade … futile !

( At least Charles isn’t around anymore waiting to shoot me down in using that word … circa 2006 , Old PRT forum ? )


Hubs / carers centres … like the one in Bromley that needed £ 500,000 for the year to keep going ?

( Never got to the bottom of that one ! )

I presume organised and run by academics and / or suits ?

Therein lies most of the answer.

Those run by volunteers / carers themselves … and at street level … are often the best.

Why ?

Quite simple … everyone talks the same language and no outside influences from any supporting organisations !

As for Carers Week , CUK should always ask themselves one question … " What would Mary Webster have made of all this ? "

Perhaps the same reation as if Nye Bevan was being asked about the present state of the NHS ?

His reply would have been unprintable !

And , not only for being in Welsh !


On the legal aid side , no surprise there :


Too many overpaid chiefs … precious few indians ???


I would need to be working… I have a growing gap on my cv which is going to come back to haunt me some day.

The bane of far too many carers over the years ?

" Caring for 14 years ? Who was your employer ? Will he supply references ? "

… add on the little matter of the 21 Hour Rule ?

" Your exam qualifications , now 25 years out of date. What steps did you take to keep upto date with the sector ? "

Following a tip off … Twitter … a whole host of comments on Carers Week including some leading politicians … doing what
they do best … jumping on a bandwagon and promising this / that / the other … to be SEEN to be doing something … enjoy / emphasis with / disagree … whatever :


None have been censored … some , as raw and honest as they come.

Really puts Carers Week into context … forget all the blurb / hype , this is caring AS IT REALLY IS for millions !

CUK should be thankful that they themselves are not in the trenches … like 7.8 million of us … merely viewing our world
from their rose tinted windowed ivory tower.

Pleased to see that carers are , at least . posting … if not on this forum.

I’m not against farm foods, or Bluebird Care.

However, the whole “special” page was supposed to be devoted to Carers Week - big banner right across the top of the page. Nothing specifically about our army of UNPAID carers.



How many of us wrote to our MP. I did and he confirmed his attendance by email to me this morning.

Highlight Highlight !!


Should have dug out the last one … in 1999 … nothing’s changed.

Perhaps not affixing a stamp didn’t help ?