19 year old daughter using OnlyFans to make money

Hi all. Me again!

I would like to hear your opinions on our latest situation. My daughters Dad has just been told about her OnlyFans account, which she makes money from. (Daughter has Aspergers as well) He is understandably upset and appalled. Ive assisted with a bit of coercion to get her to take this account down. But her Dad feels her tiktok needs to come down as well.

As a mental health worker I know we’re on a fine line between duty of care and personal rights of autonomy. So I’m not sure what to do next. I’m happy that the account with the boob shots has been taken down. Daughter and her boyfriend have also been sending private straightforward sex videos to buyers and do not see anything unusual with it, a fair amount of their female acquaintances also have money making soft porn accounts. Daughter has arthritis as well so currently she is under a work coaches additional support course to get her into sustainable employment but lost her first job last year due to her problems. (She is heavily scared from self harming and worked in a residential home)

Dad wants her punished and protected, devices removed accounts removed other than FB which he wants regulated. I feel this is removing her choices to live her life her way. I also feel its very misogynistic as it was her sixteen year old male cousin that found the account in the first place.

I’ve backed her Dad to remove the account but I personally think the rest of it is her choice but not in my house preferably. Ive explained why I’d rather she didn’t go down that road and alternatives to making money (administration, a cat sitting business ect). I left her Dad for his controlling tendencies but this one is tricky as I can see both sides!

Hi Kara,
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For me the biggest issue is whether your daughter is being exploited. Does she fully comprehend the situation she is putting herself in and the potential for the people buying the videos to post them publicly for everyone to see? Her female friends and boyfriend don’t sound a very good influence. Do they have special needs or is she being groomed?