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Carers UK supports ADASS urgent call for Government to plug hole in social care finances

18 June 2020

Responding to the ADASS 2020 budget survey report out today, Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK, said, “We are deeply worried by the findings from the ADASS budget survey that the costs of responding to the pandemic are likely to far outweigh the money that Government has already allocated to them, leaving a gaping hole in social care finances.

"Pre-COVID-19, there was already significant unmet need in the system with 40% of carers providing round the clock care saying they had not had a break in the last year. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we’ve seen unmet need increase. Added to that, we have vast numbers of new people providing unpaid care as a result of the pandemic – 4.5 million new unpaid carers across the UK. The amount of unpaid care provided has gone up – Carers UK’s research found 70% of those already providing care doing more and 55% of unpaid carers providing substantial care said they were close to burning out. Only last week during Carers Week, we heard time and again from unpaid carers who said the condition of the person they were caring for had deteriorated during COVID-19 and lockdown and that it was taking a toll on their own health and wellbeing.

"Not only are there unmet needs that existed pre-COVID-19, we’re now seeing increased physical and mental health needs of disabled, ill and older people as well as unpaid carers supporting them. We firmly support ADASS’ calls for urgent increased in-year investment and action from Government to ensure longer term funding for social care does not leave us in this position again. The Government owes this to families who have taken on huge new responsibilities during the pandemic to ensure that the care they need for their relatives and friends is there for them, too. The alternative is unthinkable. Without sufficient social care, this will break families, their health, wellbeing and their ability to work. Doing nothing is not an option.”


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