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Gordon Haskell’s new song to be released as our 50th Anniversary fundraising single

19 January 2015

We’re delighted that singer songwriter Gordon Haskell will be releasing his new single I’m Letting Everybody Know as the official fundraising song for Carers UK in our 50th Anniversary year.

Gordon Haskell has been a musician all his life, and a singer songwriter since writing his first #1 / #2 hit song (South Africa / Australia) in 1967. This song Lazy Life was later covered by Billy Fury in 1983.

Over the years Gordon has worked with some of the greatest names in music, whilst preferring to stay on the fringes of the 'business' and retaining a personal connection 

Typical of this is his beautiful 2001 hit song How Wonderful You Are  which connected with the public and became Radio 2's most requested record ever. It went on to reach #2 in the UK charts, with his follow up album Harry's Bar also reaching #2.with the public. He sees himself as a craftsman - in that as any craftsman uses the tools of his trade to create something of beauty.

With his latest single Gordon has fulfilled his private ambition to reach the standard he set out to achieve 48 years ago. We think you will agree that I'm Letting Everybody Know says it all!

So it is entirely fitting, having survived the music business for 50 years that Gordon should release his new single in support of Carers UK in our 50th Anniversary year.

Gordon Haskell single

Making sure no one has to care alone

In I’m Letting Everybody Know Gordon brings together everything he thinks we need more of in the world – love, care and compassion.

Gordon was introduced to Carers UK by friends Johnnie and Tiggy Walker – our Patrons for our 50th Anniversary year in 2015. The couple are using their experiences of caring for each other through cancer to help us reach more carers, and inspired Gordon to offer his new single as the official fundraising song for the anniversary year. All proceeds from the sale of the single will support our work to make sure that no one has to care alone.

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