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Hospital car parking

Park the charges for carers

Hospital car parking charges place an unfair financial burden on those caring for disabled, elderly, or ill relatives or friends. Many carers often have to visit hospital for routine appointments, or for unplanned stays for the person they care for. This means that their car parking charges can run into hundreds of pounds each year.

Going to hospital with someone you care for is tough enough without having the additional stress of having to worry about parking your car. Having to think about renewing your parking ticket, the extra the time it takes, and even just having the right change, not to mention the cost – all add an unnecessary extra burden on to carers.

The impact on carers

When people take on a caring role they often face a steep drop in income, for example if they have had to leave work, or reduce their hours, to care. Sometimes households face a double loss of salary, if the carer happens to be caring for a partner who has also had to give up work, as a result of their illness or disability.

This loss in income is also often coupled with a steep rise in household expenditure, as a result of the additional costs of caring. This can include things like additional travel and parking costs, as they support the person they care for to attend medical appointments, or continue to provide care during stays in hospital.

What we want to change

The Government recently announced that it will introduce free hospital car parking for ‘those groups most in need’. This includes parents of sick children.

Carers UK argue that all unpaid carers are in need. We therefore want the Government to extend free hospital car parking beyond parents of sick children, to also include unpaid carers of adults as well.

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